Skuas and Jaegers : A Guide to the Skuas and Jaegers of the World

Skuas and Jaegers : A Guide to the Skuas and Jaegers of the World


Skuas are a wide-ranging group of seabirds; some are found as far south as the Antarctic and others in the Arctic regions of the world. They are one of the most challenging groups of birds to identify because of variation in plumage according to the age of a given bird and conditions for identifying them. This book -- the first complete guide to the skuas of the world -- was designed to enable species identification and correct aging of these birds.Drawing on years of field work around the world, Klaus Malling Olsen discusses field identification for each of the seven species of skua, explaining structural and behavioral differences as well as the most important plumage details. He also provides information on vocalization, molt, plumage, geographical distribution, migration and wintering grounds, breeding biology, and relationship to humans. The text is enhanced by color plates, black-and-white sketches prepared by Swedish artist Hans Larsson, and numerous photographs, many published for the first time. The illustrations show the variation in breeding and juvenile plumages and capture the birds in flight and at rest. There is also a comprehensive bibliography to the literature on skuas."A real step forward in field ornithology. This is an impressive book that pulls together in unusual detail the current knowledge and thinking on skua taxonomy, much new invaluable material on distribution and identification, and information on various other aspects of their biology". -- Tony Marr, member, British Ornithologists Union Records Committee

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MR Klaus Malling Olsen, Hans Larsson
Hardback | 190 pages
175.26 x 241.3 x 17.78mm | 612.35g
Publication date
01 Aug 1997
Yale University Press
Publication City/Country
United States